Conscious Unity

Conscious Unity

Safari Retreat

12 day Safari Retreat

14th – 25th April 2026

(2025 fully booked)

Open your hearts in nature, feel the connection, feel the wonder, be in awe of the expansive blue skies, abundant fertile lands and deep turquoise oceans.  Hosted, guided and supported you will experience conscious, up close and deeply moving encounters with herds of wild elephants, swim with pods of wild dolphins, meet giraffes and zebras through the early dawn mists,  immerse and marvel in the underwater world of coral reefs… wander freely along expansive deserted beaches…. and witness the flow of life in the bush with lions, leopards, wildebeest and rhino, gifting you that infinite life changing moment of connection.

A celebration of presence, as we reconnect with our hearts, nature and each other.

Welcome to Conscious Unity with Sally Claridge & Courtney Ward.

Tembre Elephant Reserve


Staying in elegant ensuite tented decked cabins within the 200km of wild reserve, we will enjoy early morning and late afternoon drives into the bush and immerse in the flow of life under the African sun. With deeply moving, up close encounters with wild herds of elephants, giraffes, lions, wildebeest and maybe even glimpses of the rarely seen leopard and rhino this is a unique opportunity to be in the wild, with wildlife. Dedicated, experienced local guides and drivers share their love and knowledge of flora and fauna and the staff welcome you into the Tembe family. This unique Safari lodge offers you an intimate connection with nature, African culture and wildlife. Tembe is for the discerning visitor who wants a genuine, authentic experience of Africa, away from the usual tourist routes and crowds while still having the opportunity to see the Big Five.


Where the giants roam…

  • 4 nights in tented ensuite, decked cabins for you to enjoy grass roots luxury out in the African bush.
  • 4 x 3-hour sunrise safari drives as animals wake up to the day.  With a stop for hot chocolate, tea and biscuits at the water hole hide where all animals can come to drink.
  • 4 x 3-hour afternoon sunset safari drives.  Wild elephants, giraffes, impala, suni, springbok antelopes, zebra, lions and so many more to encounter.  Enjoy your favourite sundowners out in the bush.
  • Dedicated open safari vehicles for our group with experienced driver and guide.
  • Vehicles drive separately so all animal encounters are up close and personal to our group only.
  • Morning wake up calls with hot tea/coffee
  • Early morning continental breakfast, hot breakfast on return from drive, late lunch and 3 course dinner.
  • Bar with complimentary tea/coffee/refreshments.
  • Refreshing shaded swimming pool for relaxing afternoons.
  • Warm, welcoming staff.
  • Holistic therapies in your cabin’s private outdoor spa area.

Ponta Malongane

Where the wild dolphins await…

Staying in a private luxury villa estate on 7km of deserted expansive, sandy beach, we launch out onto the ocean, early in the mornings, opening our hearts to call in the pods of wild bottlenose dolphins to experience the connection that goes beyond words. Interacting, observing, swimming and feeling their incredible presence through our emotions and body. The freedom and exhilaration of being out on the ocean is heightened as rainbows appear in the surf’s spray against the backdrop of the thick green coastal forest. With the ocean a balmy average temperature of 25 degrees with amazing visibility, there’s the added bonus of ocean safari snorkelling over the coral reefs, as we immerse in the unseen magic beneath the surface. Green back turtles sun bathe on the surface with loggerhead & leatherback turtles and humpback whales being the migratory visitors.

All dolphin encounters are fully on the dolphins’ terms and nature’s conditions and fully supported by experienced skippers and crew. There is a strict ‘one boat’ code for open ocean dolphin encounters, so any swims will always be an intimate experience with our group only.

Ponta Malongane

Where the wild dolphins await…

  • 7 nights in private, beachfront luxury villa estate.
  • 4 x 1.5 hour morning launches for open ocean swims with pods of local wild dolphins.
  • Ocean safari snorkelling over coral reefs with turtles and an abundance of sea life.
  • Dedicated boat with experienced skipper and crew.
  • Snorkelling course with dolphin etiquette and boat safety.
  • Visit to Ponta Malongane´s primary school to gift stationary donations.
  • Direct private access through the forest to the 7km of untouched and unpopulated sandy beach.
  • Short beach walk to dive centre and morning launches.
  • Luxurious and spacious, open dining/bar/living area with stunning 360º views to the ocean and Lake Suki.
  • All bedrooms ensuite.
  • Private plunge pool and decking areas.
  • In house personal chef, cooking delicious, nutritious meals on site.
  • Short walking distance to Ponta Malongane local craft market and village shebeens.

Why Conscious Unity?

Because it’s time to celebrate our beautiful world…
to unite with all forms of life on Mother Earth…
to share our love and joy…  
to experience a connection that transcends species and language…
to listen with our heart, intuition, senses and feelings…
and BE in peace and love with wildlife in their natural surrounds.

Conscious Unity is a once in a lifetime retreat, immersing in the beauty of nature and shared with like minded souls.

Your Hosts

Courtney Ward & Sally Claridge

Sally and Courtney are heart-led international retreat hosts with backgrounds in healing, animal connection & welfare and spiritual growth.  With over 35 years experience between them, they will guide, host and take care of you throughout the retreat. Their spontaneous, sensitive, grounded, open and lively personalities, ensure that your space and needs will be honoured while sharing, laughing, crying, inspiring and celebrating with you, every step of the way.  Their intuitive nature ensures that you will be seen, held and supported beyond the group’s dynamics, while creating lifelong friendships straight from the heart.

Courtney Ward

As the founder and owner of Halo Gaia Adventure Travel, Courtney has over 20 years experience as an ocean swim facilitator connecting with the wild pods of dolphins in Southern Mozambique. Her playful personality and strong spirit, awakens your enthusiasm for life and she holds powerful space for you to step out of your comfort zone and embrace life changing, new experiences through wild dolphin encounters. As a free diver, her grace and fluid movement in the ocean defies logic and inspires you to dive into your own potential. Her innate gift as an intuitive sound healer using her voice and indigenous instruments, will open the door to drop deeper into your own heart and discover your inner wild freedom. Courtney shares her deep love and knowledge of Africa, the culture, traditions, people and wildlife and is a passionate campaigner for the preservation of Mozambique’s coastline, natural reserves and wild dolphin welfare. She also loves marmite and avocado on toast and an ice cold beer.

Sally Claridge

With over 20 years experience and teaching in the world of channelling, healing and spiritual development, Sally is also a student Trust Technique practitioner and learning to work profoundly with mindfulness to support and improve an animal’s well being.  Never one to follow the crowd, she brings her deep spiritual connection into every day life, through a refreshingly grounded humour along with a deep love and respect for Mother Earth and all forms of life.  Over the years she has hosted workshops and healing retreats in Brazil, Hong Kong, Ireland, Germany, UK and Spain, and her life experience is magnified by a early career in the airlines that fulfilled her wanderlust, yearning for freedom and a life lived to the full.  Being around Sally lifts your spirits and you feel truly seen as her loving, intuitive nature touches your heart.  Her passion for animal welfare and true connection, supports her vision of a kind, compassionate world, based on love, trust and peace.   She also loves a big glass of cava and an even bigger bag of crisps.  

Halo Gaia
Wellness & Adventure Travel

Wanderlust, Wellness and Adventure Retreats

Since 1999, Halo Gaia Wellness and Adventure Travel has committed to creating a deeply relevant, life changing experience for their guests via open ocean swimming with wild dolphins in Ponta Malongane, Mozambique.

Halo Gaia facilitates interactive, eco–friendly travel, dolphin experiences that intimately unite and engage their guests with the authentic spirit of Southern Africa. They strongly encourage responsible travel by stepping off the beaten track and embracing the WILD spirit of adventure within us all.

Respectful Marine Mammal Tourism is Halo Gaia’s core mission and it is in this arena of awareness that a deep love for the diversity of our planet, ocean and indigenous cultures that is shared by founder, Courtney Ward.

“If you love animals, wildlife and dolphins then this holiday will fulfill all your dreams. I went just for those reasons but gained so much more with all the relaxation, meditation and sound journey experiences with a lovely group of people I opened up my heart, rid myself of pent up emotions and by the end felt I’d had a complete rest and reset.”



Indigenous Sound Healing Journey with Courtney

Djembe drumming on the beach

Ponta Malongane Craft Market

Visit to Ponta Malongane Primary School

Brunch at Tarragons in Ponta de Ouro

Oracle Card Readings with Sally

Sunset dinner at Lake Suki, Ponta Malongane

Healing & Channelling Circle

Beach Walk Meditation

Time to simply BE…

“I cannot highly recommend the safari retreat enough, this trip changed my life! To witness the stunning beauty and nature of the land and the wonderful work that’s being done for the incredible animals is very powerful. Sally and Courtney unconditionally, lovingly support and guide you through this magical trip with their wisdom, special intuitive gifts and crazy insane humour! We were very blessed along the whole journey, so well looked after, wined and dined abundantly in amazing settings. To see such amazing rare animals on the safari and then to swim with the majestical dolphins was just a feeling out of this world that words cannot describe, it was superfood for the soul is all I can say! Don’t hesitate to sign up, I hope to go again soon too!

Renee, Spain

Home for your Heart…

From luxurious tented decked cabins with good night chocolates on your pillow to the decadence of a private villa estate on the beach with our own private chef… African hospitality will fill your heart and take care of all your needs.
All accommodation is ensuite.

“We stopped mid track as a herd of elephants crossed just a few metres in front of us. We were quiet and still. A huge elephant mother came over to see what we were all about. She sensed no danger and I had the most wonderful experience, as she sniffed and probed me all over with her trunk. We could smell each other and it was a complete spiritual and very personal experience that caused tears of joy to run down my face. As quickly and quietly as she arrived, she collected her calf and disappeared back into the bush.”
Simon & Deirdre, UK

Basic Details

Retreat cost based on twin (or double bed) sharing basis.

Single occupancy upon request and availability

Includes: accommodation, meals, all safari & dolphin swim activities and equipment hire.

Moderate level of health/fitness/swimming needed for boat launch and ocean swims.

Upon registering you’ll be sent a PDF with full details.

Only 11 places available per retreat.

Not included: Flights to Maputo, arrival transfer, personal sundries, staff tips, snacks, drinks, 2 dinners out.

“Having had the pleasure of being on one of Courtney and Sallys’ safaris, I can highly recommend them. They facilitated with knowledge, humour and care for us, the animals and the environment. It felt like a great large family holiday rather than an organised retreat and we took away precious, life long memories.”

Tracey Moy & family, France

Retreat Cost

Ask us for information on 2026
Booking is open!


£500 non refundable deposit payable in GBP secures your place
Remaining balance over 2 payments.
Payment in full by 1st February 2026

BOOK 14th – 25th APRIL 2026 NOW!

Conscious Unity Safari Retreat

MARCH 2025

From wild elephants to wild dolphins, giraffes, lions and turtles, the beauty of Africa, her people, her lands and oceans… this retreat is a unique opportunity to share the adventure with like minded souls while enjoying heart felt hospitality and authentic connection.

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